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jeffAudio - The Music of Jeff Hentschel
Album Downloads 
I have recently added my music onto the website Jamendo. This site is an amazing site with a ton of good free music in all different genres. I have downloaded many different albums from here and always pleased at the quality of work people are willing to do because they love music. You can choose the format you want the album in (mp3 or ogg) and download it via bittorrent or eMule. After that, you can star the album, rate it, or whatever. You can also listen to the complete albums online if you want to listen before you download. My latest album Wormhole should be available within a few days. In the meantime, check out all of the other albums they have to offer. Jamendo recently passed the 2000 album mark and is gaining in popularity.
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Jazz Reference Site 
A Passion 4 Jazz is a great website with tons of useful resources for the jazz musician. Aside from historical information. It also has a guitar chord finder, piano chord finder, and a large selection of jazz scales and what chords go with them. I find their Virtual Piano Chord/Scale Finder particularly useful if you are unsure of what notes are in a certain scale or chord.
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Online Beginner Guitar Lessons 
As the first installment of my new review section, I'd like to point out a website I've been checking out recently. Over Christmas break, I had been wanting to learn some basic guitar technique so if I need to lay down an easy track I can do so without relying on others, and so I can actually do something when I go into Sam Ash or Guitar Center.

Of course, the easiest way to get good at something is to practice, but in order to practice, I had to have some kind of instruction. After some reasearch, I came across a great series of beginner guitar lessons that were easy to learn, well written, and did pretty much exactly what I wanted to do.

There are 11 lessons as of this writing (I'm not sure if they're planning to add to it) that start off with basic chords and scales in first position, and eventually work up to more difficult things. After each lesson, it gives links to songs that use relevant chords that were just taught in combination with past techniques. The only thing I would like added is if they included the actual song file as well and not just links to the iTunes Store, but I guess they couldn't do that for copyright reasons.

If you are interested in trying out guitar for the first time, I would definitely recommend this site if you don't want to spend anything and are able to keep good practice habits. It does give suggestions on how to spend practice time too, so the only thing you might have trouble on is posture. It would be best if you know someone who can play well to help you with that so you don't develop bad habits.
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