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jeffAudio - The Music of Jeff Hentschel - CD Review: Mahavishnu Orchestra - Inner Mounting Flame
CD Review: Mahavishnu Orchestra - Inner Mounting Flame 
Inner Mounting FlameInner Mounting Flame by Mahavishnu Orchestra
Genre: Jazz, Rock, Fusion
Released: August 14, 1971
Rating: 8.8/10

The debut album of the Mahavishnu Orchestra brought John McLaughlin's vision of what fusion should be to world. This album maintains a forceful presence throughout the entire album giving each member of the band a chance in the spotlight. All of the members are high caliber players, so this is no dissappointment whether it be Jerry Goodman's violin playing or Billy Cobhams's rock solid beat.

Even the quiet "You Know, You Know," (I have done a version of this piece) there is still a special energy that is present in the music. McLaughlin, however, doesn't like to sit still. Most of the pieces include super-fast solos and themes. Throughout the pieces, McLaughlin will run a line in unison with Goodman or Hammer (on keys) that creates an especially unique tone that I've come to love in all of his music.

This is an amazing album and along with Birds of Fire, it is one of the band's best. If you are looking for a representative album of some of the style of Mahavishnu Orchestra, this is a great place to start. It also exemplifies the rock oriented side of the fusion genre and is an imperative addition to any fusion library.

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CD Review: Beach Boys Greatest Hits Vol. 1: 20 Good Vibrations 
Greatest Hits Vol. 120 Good Vibrations by Beach Boys
Genre: Rock, Surf
Released: November 10, 1999
Rating: 9.8/10

With their carefree attitude, the Beach Boys sing simple songs about Cars, Girls, and Surfing. Sure, you won't find the complex rhythms or melodies found in other music; but the music is catchy and speaks about everyday things and it's relatively easy to sing along.

Beach Boys 20 Good Vibrations is a great cd that showcases some of the band's more well known works such as "California Girls," "409," and "Wouldn't it Be Nice." All of the songs are light-hearted and joyful, always putting a positive spin on life.

The Beach Boys were a group that had many single hits. This album puts a large chunk of those hits into one place for you to enjoy. There is also a second volume called "20 More Good Vibrations" if you are wanting more.

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CD Review: WOW 2007 
WOW 2007WOW 2007 by Various Artists
Genre: Christian Rock, Gospel & Religious
Released: October 3, 2006
Rating: 6.77/10

Normally I'm not a big fan of compilations albums. I prefer to buy the original cds so I can have the artists complete original view of the work. However, sometimes a compilation album comes along that is worth the money. WOW 2007 is one of those albums.

Including artists such as Newsboys, Jars of Clay, Chris Tomlin, and Reliant K, the WOW series continually puts out uplifting Christian music. If you're looking for a collection of refreshing tunes and don't like any one particular group, WOW 2007 is a great addition to any library.

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New CD Release: Wormhole 
My second album, called Wormhole is now complete and all available for download! In addition to a great selection of songs, high quality album art is available as well. This album includes pieces such as the "Journey to Planet X" Suite, "Downtown Sedna," and of course the title track, that was just released. If you are interested in a high quality version, drop me a line, and I should be able to get one ready.

I have had a ton of fun with this project and would like to thank those who helped with the album:
  • Pete Avery for selected guitar parts including the guitar solo on "Wormhole"
  • Jerry Hentschel for Guitar 1 and also for parts of Guitar 2 on "Wormhole"

Thank you to everybody else out there who enjoys the cd.
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New Release: Wormhole 
Download "Wormhole"

After several months of preparation, I'm finally able to release the title track, "Wormhole." The main reason for taking this long to finish up the song was because I wanted to have both real violin and guitars, and I've been really busy lately with school among other things. The instrumentation is shown after the jump.

Electric violin - myself
Guitar 1 - Fender Esquire
Guitar 2 - Parts with an Epiphone and parts with the Fender
Piano - EXS24 Yamaha Grand Piano
E. Piano - EVP88 SuitcaseMkI
Organ - EVB3 C3
E. Bass - Sculpture "Jazz Bass Open Fingered"
Drums - Ultrabeat "Rock Kit"

Guitar 1 was played by my dad
Guitar 2 Fender parts were played by my dad, and a small amount at the end by me.
Guitar 2 Epiphone parts including the solo were played by a friend.
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